Nuf Chit


The new song: 45/47

It's been a few years since writing my last song. I know you have all missed my material and I apologise for that. This was of course not intentional but other more important life commitments have taken up my time. Giving song writing a break has definately been the right thing to do.  

Having a break has enabled me to come back with some killer beats, melodies and lyrics which I will try to get out as soon as possible. Please keep following my social pages to avoid missing any new content. 

The new song (45/47) is regarding the American political system and the effects  of decisions made and actions taken on the population. It's a sad state of affairs here in the UK and there is a lot of unhappiness and trouble. In the USA it appears to be the same from what I have been able to keep up with. When the USA does well so do most other countries, especially the UK. The USA needs to be strong. A new President is required and we all know who that needs to be................. 

Hope you enjoy the song, and please feel free to get in touch.